our philosphy

Our philosophy is to provide tools, insight and resources to increase business growth. Our focus is on strategic planning and product development. We teach and implement Hoshin Kanri methodologies, Quality Function Deployment (QFD) and the Voice of the Customer (VOC). We then focus on the development of teams responsible for the deployment of objectives and/or the design of a product or service.

organizational change

Management's top priority is planning and ensuring that everyone is working on key business objectives.  We help organizations in the design and development of strategies for change and continuous improvement. Since 1993 our mission has been to give quality service to our clients and provide outside consulting and training in: Strategic Planning, Product Development: Quality Function Deployment, Voice of the Customer, Accelerated Innovation and Building High Performing Teams.

Working with executive management teams, we facilitate group understanding of the competition, the current environment, and what it will take to become a top performing organization. Understanding that change cannot take place unless the organization has a strong strategic focus, we teach leadership to listen to their customers and encourages team work. We teach organizations Hoshin Kanri Methodologies, Quality Function Deployment, how to collect and analyze the Voice of the Customer, innovation using TRIZ and finally, how to build and maintain high performing product development teams.