strategic planning retreats

Chess PieceDoes your team need to get away to focus on critical issues facing them in the new economy? Sometimes the peace, quiet and focused concentration that retreats provide, produce amazing work. IMPACTure plans and implements management and team retreats at locations around the world.  From our years of experience designing and facilitating workshops and meetings, we have found that by taking your group off-site, the quality of the work greatly improves.

We can coordinate retreats anywhere in the world you team would like to meet.  Over the years we have built relationships with some of the most fantastic resorts in the world.  Our specialty is planning management retreats on the Hawaiian islands and in our home state of Colorado.

IMPACTure can also customized a session depending on the current issues facing your organization.  We conduct pre-assessments to determine the design for your retreat and then tailor each detail so that your objectives are completely met.

organizational change

Management's top priority is planning and ensuring that everyone is working on key business objectives.  IMPACTure helps organizations in the design and development of strategies for change and continuous improvement.

Working with executive management teams, IMPACTure facilitates group understanding of the competition, the current environment, and what it will take to become a top performing organization.

We know that change cannot take place unless the organization has a strong strategic focus, listens to their customers and encourages team work.

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