web based learning

Why use on-line training? Our instructional designers understand adult learning and have been able to translate that knowledge into quality web-based learning experiences.  Creating quality web-based training is what we have done for over a decade. 

Cost - E-learning is much more economical.  Employees don’t have to travel and trainers prepare the material once.  Forget booking hotel conference rooms, paying overhead for training facilities.  Online training in this economy saves money.  Quickly roll-out cost effective, impressive web-based training for a fraction of the price or other e-learning companies.

Consistency – Web-based learning insures that everyone hears the same thing.  With stand-up training there is variation, there’s no way around it.  Online training provides consistent messages

Increased Productivity – When employees take web-based training, they can do it during periods of downtime.  Employees can take a web based course at their own desk when it fits into their work schedule and not the other way around.

Track student involvement – Our Learning management systems (LMS) lets managers and administrators know who’s taken what on-line training and when. Our learning management system (LMS) also lets you track where your students’ progress and their final exam test scores.  Learning management systems (LMS) should not be complicated or expensive.  With each affordable corporate group membership, your learning management system (LMS) is included.  No monthly fees.

Speed – LearnFirm.com can change any on-line training course quickly and get the information out to your employees quickly.  Traditional training takes weeks and dollars to make these types of training changes.  When everyone in your organization needs to know the same information at the same time, on-line training insures consistent, quality communication.

Increased Learning With E-learning – Research shows that students learn more taking a on-line training course, retain the information at a higher rate and apply the information learned more readily than traditional training.

Customized E-learning - We can customize any of our on-line training courses to fit your company’s culture and needs.  Online training is the most effective way to train people around the world on new products or company policies?  We can also design quality web-based training to communicate new policies, product developments or general company information.

Testing – LearnFirm.com’s web-based training courses and customized e-learning training includes interactive testing throughout.  We adhere to an instructional design philosophy that not only includes a final exam, but quizzes, scenario analysis, and knowledge application throughout each web-based training course.

Downloadable Workbooks – Our e-learning courses also come with a downloadable workbook that captures everything that the student has covered in his or her web-based training course.

Certificates of Completion – Each adult learner taking one of our web-based training classes receives a certificate of completion that is fit for framing.  We feel that to complete one of our content rich e-learning courses, a student needs to have something to show for it.

on-line training: student comments

Well organized and easy to understand.  Tammy Dolan, Workforce Safety & Insurance

I especially like the workbook that comes with the course.  It will be a reference that I can use a lot.  Tom Jenkins, AT&T

Great summary pages after each tool was presented.  James Landrigan, Consultant

It was fun and a good review.  Brent Gough, Corporate Express

GREAT use of examples.  Robert W Johnson, Pragmatics

I enjoyed seeing a summary presentation of the different quality tools and when it would be appropriate to use them.  Clark P Beus, PNNL

The quizzes throughout the course were wonderful - - kept me on track.  Nicole M Berezowski, Dentsply/Caulk

The material was presented in a concise and understandable manner!.  I also loved the printable reference guide. Janice S Blakely, VoltDelta

Courses are easy to use, have a simple format and are enjoyable.  Russell E Long, Standard & Poor's

Simple and direct language.  James R Jolley, Florida Department of Revenue

The course seemed to know when I was overwhelmed and let me know that there was more info to come.  I also liked the samples used, like the speeds during lunch hours. These were things that stroked my curiosity when brought to my attention.  Alex Labori, Microsoft

I liked the graphics.  This covers most basic areas of statistics.  I liked the Excel backup calculations and data samples provided which makes the course easier to follow and practice.  The fact that it is a course on the web is also good.  Ted McCune, Microsoft

I liked the conversational coarse style.  Statistics can be dry, this presentation was sufficient in combating that.  Wendy C Matteson, Microsoft

Very descriptive and explaining.  Kari J Walker, Microsoft

Seeing the answers immediately to questions immediately after you answer through-out the course.  Lena Ingraham, Information Services Extended, Inc.

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions, Candice M Fung, Consultant

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